Love Modesty! Love Muslim Boutiques!



In 2015 with the love for Modesty at heart Muslim Boutiques formed from a spare bedroom in the busy streets of London. Over the years we’ve evolved into an unexpected destination with a vision; to cater for Muslim Women around the world who desire to embrace a modest dress code into their lifestyle.



Central to our vision is our promise to only create garments you will wear, and love, for years to come.

We always aim to bring modest and unique wear refined with class and style. With great design at the heart of everything we design, we determine great care and focus on each style from start to finish. All of our garments are designed in-house and we are proud to say we are able to source and use the ultimate best fabrics to create revolutionary and stylish modest-wear, featuring exquisite and delicate fashion elements.



Our design philosophy is articulated through a collection of versatile offerings that can be slipped into your existing modest wardrobe with ease.


We continue to deliver attires that are stylish, comfortable and affordable. The uniqueness and subtle touches we bring to our collections help us standout from the crowd. You can always rely on us for premium quality fabric and unique textured designs. We pride ourselves in being able to reach out with modest fashion for Muslim women all over the world.


From our signature best-selling fits to bespoke exquisite pieces, exclusivity is at the heart of our appeal. We transcend forever pieces that are endlessly appealing and always relevant. Think of it as a modern modest fashion vision with timeless sensibility.


“Everlasting designs with a Luxury Modest status”