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Maryam K

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My Hijab boxes are perfect gifts for my nieces this Eid, Beautifully gift wrapped and reasonably priced! Thnx



Delivery was made fast, i had ordered jilbabs which we cannot buy from here. The jilabbs are long and cover me modestly. 



My first Jillbab ever and it couldn't be more perfect. The staff at Muslim Boutiques have helped me get my Jillbab adjusted to me height a really good service offered by them. 

Bint Adam


Just got a big box from Muslim Boutiques with my new Jilbabs and niqabs, so excited right now! Alhamdulillah the quality is just amazing, cannot get the same here in Australia. Will be back to buy more soon IA



Bought this light blue Jilbab and black 3 layer niqab from Muslim Boutiques and the material on both of them are so comfy and good quality ❤ The jilbab is a very soft and lightweight material and will be perfect during summer. The niqab is breathable and the mesh eye screen is not irritating like on some other niqabs. Looking forward to ordering from here again In Sha Allah 😊



Ordered modest clothes for my whole family and they all loved it. JazakAllah for your customer service prior to our order. You helped us with sizes and outfits. Will be recommending you to my friends and family. 



The quality of your Jilbaabs are very good, delivery was made in just 7 days which is really fast as i have ordered from the UK before and has taken weeks. Look forward in purchasing again. Ikra


South Africa

I think i have all the Niqabs from Muslim Boutiques, can't wait to get some new colours, please stock more colours!! Thankkkku x

Sonia Hussain


Beautiful abayas with amazing quality, i needed some plain work abayas that i could wear everyday, the jersey abayas from Muslim boutiques are perfect for me. 

Aqsa H


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At Muslim Boutiques we take customer service very seriously, we always aim to provide a first class service to our customers. Read our customer testimonials to find out what our customers think.

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